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September 27, 2013:
The sequel to Top Gun may be shelved or cancelled following the death of director Tony Scott, who would have helmed the movie. Scott and Cruise had been doing location scouting for the film prior to Scott's death, but at this point Paramount Pictures and producers are wary of doing the film if it would seem like they are profiting off the director's demise.Lockheed exec announces that F-35 will be in Top Gun 2.



Will Goose return as his secret twin brother who also flew fighter jets? That would be cool.

Rumors and plot for Top Gun 2 Movie

New Information: The death of director Tony Scott may have put the sequel to Top Gun in Jeopardy. We are still hoping that the film comes together, as there is a great deal of interest in what would have transpired up until the present day. Although the actual plot is under wraps, Maverick Character returning as test pilot according to rumors and speculation.

The Top Gun sequel's plot has apparently leaked onto the internet, and involves the F-35 joint strike fighter, which is said to be a contender for one of the last manned fighter jets expected to be developed. In the film's draft plot, Tom Cruise reprises his role as Maverick and is a test pilot for the fighter jet. Everything else about the movie is up for grabs, so we don't know if Kelly McGillis will be in the picture, whether Maverick has any kids, who would be old enough to fly their own fighters, and how the original fighter pilot culture has changed for the 21st century. Also, the threat in the film is going to need to be substantial enough to use a sixth generation fighter aircraft that might be the last of the manned fighter types produced in the US, considering that very few American fighter aircraft have been shot down in the last 40 years thanks to advances in stealth and avionic technology. Also, whenever a real plane is being used as a character, there is usually a certain constraint on the film to prevent that aircraft from looking like it does not perform perfectly under any circumstances, so then the question is what Maverick can come up against that is even as good as the plane he is flying.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Until the film gets closer to a release date, this site is going to be mostly speculation and wild rumors, which is fine for people who are into new releases and such. I sure hope Goose comes back.